Matt Berkeley-Lobato is a film editor with 10 years experience working on award winning TV series, documentaries and commercials.

Job Agency

This inspirational TV ad for a job agency was narrated in German. It captivates in a creative way prospective employees to find their dream job. The result is an ad which pairs exciting visuals with a practical concept to aspirational effect.

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Cover up Tattoos

Channel 4 commissioned an online documentary series about the human stories behind tattoos that get covered up or changed, for all kinds of reasons, from wiping memories of an ex to creating a ‘new you’. This became the most popular 4oD series in the UK.

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Shakira Behind the Scenes

The BBC commissioned a Behind the Scenes documentary about the highest selling Colombian music artist of all time. The film was shot in Abu Dhabi during Shakira’s concert at the Emirates Palace. The documentary also features her talking about the rehearsals and preparations before she steps onto stage.

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